Free Printable Family Camping Memories Log

I just realized my son and I have gone camping almost ten times over the past four summers.  I've relied on my Facebook Memories to remind me exactly what it was I liked and disliked, and with whom we went on each adventure. 

But time is flying by, my son is getting older and is starting to have opinions and memories about our camping trips, and sometimes Facebook Memories isn't enough. 

Our last trip out, for example, included a super friendly cat at a local KOA.  The cat followed us everywhere, even coming on a hike with us through the woods (he stopped only to dash off into the woods, brutally off a chipmunk, and then bring it back to us so he could eat it in our presence 😣😩).  Regardless of the chipmunkicide, my son loved the cat and the cat loved him.  The cat's ear was tipped, so we knew he belonged out there, but he was a great companion while we were there, and he was the highlight of our trip.

I looked around for premade camping memory books, but I couldn't find one that suited us and fit our needs. I decided to make one myself, and below is the result.  Feel free to use it for your camping trip memories, too!  

Happy trails!

Below are products I recommend.  If you buy through the link, I receive a small percent of the price at no cost to you. 


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